It won’t surprise anyone who knows me that I haven’t updated for a long time. I am concentrating on writing an INCREDIBLE essay on Roman women (It’s going to be amazing. No really! Okay I am a bit nervous about writing my first essay in 11 years but still.)

I am going to do a little list first of things I am currently obsessed with:

The Adventure Time comic. This is the best comic I have read in ages. OH MY GOD IT IS INCREDIBLE! Ryan North of Dinosaur comics is writing it and they have covers and a second story done by different artists to the main story. I LOVE IT! #2 was out yesterday and I think #1 is on its second printing. IT IS GREAT.

Once Upon a Time (TV show): This is the series that Fables fans got a bit distressed about. Admittedly the premise did sound nearly exactly like that of Fables. However it’s not like Fables, though they do put a few knowing hints in there, and it’s clever. Really clever. It uses the Disney properties in an excellent way, making them darker and more relatable, blurring the line of good and evil. So far so unlike Disney, Jiminy Cricket gets a dark and disturbing back story and for many episodes it’s hard to tell how much of this is in the child protagonists mind. Several of the characters are from ‘regular’ fairy tales and their meaning is disseminated in clever (and dare I say it) feminist ways. The last episode shown in America was Red Riding Hood’s back story and they’ve done something with it that suggests they truly understand why this tale was used.

Bad Machinery (webcomic): I couldn’t have come later to Scary Go Round if I had tried. I am plodding my way through it. Bad Machinery is very cute and funny and the story of kids fighting mysteries, like a very un-secular Scooby Doo.

The Unwritten (Comic): It’s basically a story about the power of stories, and how they are controlled. This series is pretty far into the storyline and actually I’d recommend reading the trades anyway as it is easier to grasp what is happening (After it had been going for about a year still nothing had happened. This isn’t a bad thing and it works perfectly but you have to be in it for the long haul.)

Wolverine and the X-men (Comic): Wolverine has started a school for mutants and it isn’t going that well. In fact I suspect Kitty Pryde may be about to have a massive breakdown. The art and storylines for this title is amazing. I completely recommend it (Try Comixology for back issues if your local store doesn’t have it because it is AMAZING!)

(I was also really enjoying Batman by Scott Snyder but that has just gone entirely mental)

I was linked to this piece on the F word very timely and interesting. It’s about feminism and class. The academic discipline of feminism means pretty much nothing if it is not disseminated out (to all women of all classes and in all countries) in a way that brings about practical and useful change to women’s lives. I found it distressing watching the coverage of the Slutwalk, for more than one reason but mainly because all the interviews I saw were with middle class girls, aware of the need for change. No one reached out to working class girls and boys specifically. And if you are not specifically inclusive then you are excluding. No matter what you think. I think I’ve mentioned this before but the thing that really upset me is during the sea of ‘isn’t it awesome women are marching to overturn understanding about rape’ comments the only person I saw asking where are the working class girls was Liz Jones. Fail, guys, total fail…

Last night I watched David Starkey become a foaming-at-the-mouth mess of unconcealed misogyny on Channel 4’s 10 O’ Clock show. He was debating about quotas for females (in boardrooms/government etc) with Natalie Haynes.  I am not going to link to it. Bookers don’t need any extra reasons to book this guy. What surprised me the most (though I suspect most of what he was saying was Troll 101 rather than actually held opinions) was that you could easily have someone argue against quotas. Not all feminists are pro them, there are clear and sound arguments against them, but David Starkey did that wonderful thing that men like him (Educated men trying to keep their position at the top of the castle) do and shouted over Natalie, implied she (and the rest of her gender) was stupid (How many women get firsts? Um quite a lot I would have thought but  nevermind.) Ignored the facts she came up with and fought them by having a sulk. To be honest he might as well have had a shit on the desk for all the screaming attention seeking he was doing. STOP BOOKING THIS TWAT ON TO TV AND RADIO, HE DOES NOT DESERVE THE MONEY.

Also I like this video:

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2 Responses to Hiatus

  1. Isn’t the point of the slutwalk protests to communicate to the police that women shouldn’t have to regulate how they dress to avoid being thought of as “sluts”? So whether they included working class women or not, they still made their point.

    Anyway, what if working class women don’t share the ideal of open, frank sexual expression that you find in the bourgeosie? The working class view of female sexuality is that it should be used to marry a footballer before you get too old (ie over 20).

    • pippaalice says:

      I think that was the original slut walk’s starting point but I think it’s clearly looking at a wider audience. It isn’t just the police, but everyone (considering how many polls there have been with a high number of the public thinking a girl in short skirt was asking for it if she gets asaulted.) and that has to include changing attitudes across the board and giving working class women a voice. I haven’t lived with working class women for a long time so it’s not up to me to decide what that voice entails.

      It does sound like there were a varity of speakers at this event but I can’t imagine women where I am from traveled to London to hear what was said.

      Also I think that, as a very broad generalisation, working class women want to be able to express their sexuality (Not specifically by wearing short skirts but that can be included. Certainly it was not a requirement of the slut walk to wear ‘slutty’ clothes.) and that they get judged for this (in ways that perhaps middle class feminists have not quite comprehended, and sometimes they get judged BY middle class feminists) and would probably prefer not to have someone grabbing their arse after a night out because they are ‘fair game’. In that way working class men and women need to know just how unacceptable this is and the slut walk could have been a great way of doing this but it didn’t reach out.

      I think that’s quite an unfair view of working class women but yes I think there is a lot of looking for a prince to come and save you. If you grow up with either no money and/or no prospects (I know a few middle class girls from school who were never going to do well academically (and if you’re from Essex, no matter how much money you have people think you’re thick and unclassy.) so wanted to find a rich man. My Mum still says to me I should find a rich man to marry.) it is quite an inviting idea. Instead of judging these girls I’d prefer to see feminists engaging with them.

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