Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I made a Christmas Playlist:


It’s on YouTube so there may be ads for which I am sorry but I am too cheap to buy the tracks and make an 8 track right now. Most of the videos aren’t worth watching apart from the U900 and the Emmy the Great/Tim Wheeler one.

Some lovely Christmas links:

Next year I am totally making some cross stitch Bat Villians.


Download this free and insanely cute cat bunting for Christmas.


I love this picture so much. Pretty ladies in uniform!!! Click on the link for a video.


DC women kicking ass is doing a DC women advent calendar and this is my favourite as it features another pretty lesbian from the armed forces saying Merry Christmas to her girlfriend. (I love Renee and Kate so hard!)

I would like this painting now pls thx.


I love the Epbot Steampunk Christmas Tree so much!

Jen (Who also does the amazing Cake Wrecks website) has also done a tutorial for the hot air balloon ornaments.

[link to hot air balloon tute]

I’ve been made aware of Vi Hart’s amazing Doodling in Math Class. You will learn about maths and laugh. Those things will happen.

I am so sad this is the last Supergirl and Batgirl comic from Mike Maihack BUT it’s a lovely way to say MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! 😀


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