Racism, street harrasment and Stitch dressed as a Green Lantern

So Twitter has exploded into rage at the racist tram lady (I am not going to link to her rant but you can find it yourself if you want to) whilst the rage is understandable it’s slightly disturbing the amount of chav-hate being thrown at her. And the misogyny (“Someone should beat her up/cheap slag/ugly bitch” etc) and coming from people who think they are above racism. Two wrongs don’t make a right, guys! I’m not going to make any excuses for her, I don’t know her circumstances but in general people don’t say stuff like that unless they believe it. But it isn’t only chavs/the white working class/uneducated people who think like this. Don’t fall into that trap. And being a chav/white working class/uneducated does not mean you are going to be a racist.

And whilst we’re at it, stop using the word chav.

Also I worry about those trying to say this lady is in the minority, she is in one sense BUT do not think that people of colour or women or disabled people or fat people or LGBTQI people (etc etc) don’t get this all the time. If you are different you are somehow public property. You can be owned and you have to put up with it or you are lacking a sense of humour/are a whinger/are part of the PC brigade or you are a dyke for not enjoying the street harassment that gets thrown at you.

I have had to listen to cabbies thinking because I am white and British I must share their racist views. They think, because of the colour of my skin, I agree that the Polish should all piss off back to Poland. They think I must be like them. It’s troubling. They usually shut up when I point out my Dad’s family were Eastern European (Jewish) immigrants to this country and I’d prefer them not to be racist around me.

On Sunday two guys belonging to a far right militant organisation got onto the tube I was on. They stuck a racist sticker on a black girl. I didn’t say anything (I usually do, which I’ve realised could be very dangerous) because, quite frankly, they looked like they could quite easily have me with their hands tied behind their backs and I suspect they would have actually started saying racist words and stuff if challenged making the journey unpleasant for all. I don’t feel good about this and I don’t want this to be my Britain.

But yes, please do not think this woman is isolated. She’s not in the majority but she isn’t isolated and ignoring her for being ‘an ignorant chav’ is not going to fix the issue.

Increasingly, it feels like we have to fight for our rights (And the rights for others) all the time. I don’t think a week goes past where I don’t hear someone on Twitter or Facebook or Livejournal talking about some girl thinking it is okay to call them names or some guy try to chat them up and not listening to no, not believing it really means no. It happens all the time. Many years ago a colleague was racially abused by a bus driver. Our boss at the time was annoyed she came into the office making such a fuss. This is the thing, even (some) people who are not overtly racist or sexist would rather you just shush about it because it’s not really that bad, “do you have to whinge all the time?”

I think the answer is becoming yes, yes we HAVE to whinge, because of things like Boots employees refusing to give the MAP on faith grounds. And this genuinely terrifying idea of giving rights to a fertilized egg. Even in cases of rape (The moral hierarchy of abortion is not something I am happy with but in this case forcing a woman to keep a child that has been forced on her in the first place?!) See also Crisis pregnancy centres feeling they can LIE to women LIE TO THEM to save their “unborn child.”


A couple of the Many Many links I have accumulated since I last posted:

Libby at Treasury Islands does a brilliant piece on Disney princesses.

Speaking of Disney princesses.

And also STITCH AS A GREEN LANTERN! I am not sure I understand why BUT STITCH AS A GREEN LANTERN by James Silvani.


Interesting article on racism regarding shades of skin

Before I got into comics in a properly geeky way, I liked quite a few comics. Craig Conlan is one of the Comic book artist/writers that I adore(d) and here is his take on Wonder Women.


Stunning cut away Batman adventure from. Do look, it’s completely amazing.

The doctor wants his hat back. Poor Rory!


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