A post about some shoes

Ask a clean person is my favourite bit of The Hairpin. (Blog technically aimed at women but entertaining anyway) Look at columns by topic, here and learn to be clean.

Super pretty beautiful art by Japanese artist Inohaco.


I make no secret of my love for Neil Gaiman (He wants to be a rock star so hard. It’s kind of embarrassing) and The Magnetic Fields, my feelings for AFP are a bit more complex so I’ll leave that. Oh also I hate Moby but he only sings one line.

Anyway here they all are singing Science Fiction / Double Feature

I want these shoes! I will probably kick a squirrel for them! (I won’t really, I’m a vegetarian but I do really really want them.

I could get some socks with capes to go with it


This is a weirdly pleasing wine gif from Kate or Die.


I am completely in love with this comic by Emmy Cicierega of Fluffy Potter. It’s kind of interesting because I’ve just finished reading Understanding Comics by Scott McLeod and he’s very into using computers to produce unusual and interesting layouts.


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