This is a brilliant article from Comics! The Blog about nostalgia, with a fair amount of anti-rockist sentiment.

That is the magic of opinions: everybody has them and they are frequently different!  If I tweet that I picked up a Tim Hortons coffee one morning and someone tweets back that my decision was stupid, that doesn’t have to mean anything.  Life is easier once you realize that the feelings you have about the things you love don’t have to be influenced in any way by someone else’s. 

Something I regularly have to remember to be honest. I always end up being a bit…but I love Sarah Millican…don’t look at me like that please!

 Remember: nothing makes the cruelty of saying that Justin Bieber’s existence as a person is wrong because you don’t like his music okay.  He’s a human fucking being whose only crime is making some songs you don’t like.  The only thing his existence proves is that at one point his parents probably had sex.  What of it?

I think this is going a bit far (I am sure nearly everyone has thought ‘WHY OH WHY DOES JB EXIST and you can do that without LITERALLY meaning the need for death of Justin and his inane blend of repressed sexuality and bland pop’ ) but if you go too far with these things and you end up with what happened to Rebecca Black. And if you are saying how dare Bieber exist and SPOIL MUSIC then you cannot have much faith in music/Books/film you do love.


Zachary Quinto is asked about a gay character in Star Trek and is wrong in my opinion (Of course Trek should have an openly gay characters (I’m surprised it hasn’t before?). Most shows should. Not as a token but because gay people exist. Most of us know one or two or quite a lot. Gay people just exist and should be shown in all forms of media because, and let me press the point THEY EXIST.*) but I worry he’s now suddenly become the go to guy to ask about the gay in SF.

*This isn’t an attack on Quinto’s opinion which he’s obviously entitled to but the fact that LGBTQ people are still under-represented and when they are represented it is often with stereotype.

DC ladiez in sweaters by Hanie Mohd. LOVELY!

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