Last night pointless blogs are all the rage

I am exhausted. Again. Went to Uni today to join Senate House Library. (The lift opened on the Classics library and it smelt entirely of books. Oh to be a librarian.)

Then to disability services who were lovely and useful. It’s still hard for me to accept what I have could be considered a disability, even though it does cause me problems, because of the ‘pull yourself together’ voice in my head. THEN I found out I actually already paid this month’s tuition so I have more money! I spent £3 of this going to the Dr Who Exhibition at the Cartoon Museum. I love how British centric that museum is. Nearly all the comics and illustrations there are British and it’s always great. I think the Dr Who finishes soon if you are into that type of thing.

After this I went to Lush and bought this (Magic wand bubble bath, it tinkles when you use it and appears to be on a splint as from teenaged Physics lessons) because an arch salesman got talking to me about perfume (I wear sa majeste la rose, of course I completely forgot the name of it when talking to him and looked like an idiot.) and how he likes the smell of old ladies at the theatre. I think he wanted me to buy one of the Lush perfumes but I;ve tried them and I hated them. Which is a shame as I love B never. (Sad story, when B Never closed down my cousin was working for them and had loads of free glitter but didn’t know I liked glitter. So so sad…)

Okay I love Batman and I love Lego so you know, you could do worse than buying me this. Um…


I think this is more Burlesque American BUT I also think this steampunk costume is amazing.



Brain cake. So gross. (Halloween is the bestest crafting time)


and why not…


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