Halloween is my favourite day of the year so here are some costumes:

Every child should be dressed up as an Angry Bird. I am torn between utter fear and utter love.


Tiny Superman


Vintage witch from a lovely selection of old photos at Vintage Vivant


Some Halloween craft

Creepy mirror from an excellent geek craft post by epbot. I totally want to make one of these.


Not really Halloween but this guy totally says HIYA!


Geek stuff

Tiny Titans Solicit and cover


An interview with everyone’s favourite Joe on Tor.com (We all love Adam and Joe, right? Good!) They appear to have not realised quite how posh JC is.


Love this Dr Who poster


I love treehouses


I have a picture on my desk of Battle Cat who I think would make a charming book end. There is a tute for making these in the link.


Not sure I see the problem. *cough*


This is apparently the cover for Batwoman #5. And it is just stunning. How anyone could consider comics as Not Art is beyond me.


The She and Him Christmas Album is out soon!


Lemony Snicket’s wonderful comment on the “Occupy” protests. Do have a look. This was mirrored by Neil Gaiman because the original crashed (possibly under Neil webfail?) but I am completely uncertain where the original was anyway.




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