I came here to drink milk and kick ass… and I’ve just finished my milk.



1/ I can finally see the point of a Green Lantern ring if you can make tiny cute dinosaurs. Of course it’s fine to make something green if it’s supposed to be green. TINY. Cute. DINOSAURS.


Cyborg (Victor Stone)

Origin: Born with a degenerative nervous system, Victor Stone nevertheless became a technological savant and eventually overcame his disability with cybernetics of his own design. Having always been obsessed with human enhancement, he instantly became enamored when news of a “Superman” circulated the world.  In an attempt to win the favor of the newly formed Justice League, he proceeded to hack into their systems and even physically challenge them to prove his worth.  Despite being ultimately defeated, Victor was accepted as a member and serves as their “IT guy.”

Powers: Cyborg possesses higher than average human strength, the ability to connect himself to and to control most computer systems, and a greatly enhanced intellect.  He also possesses an impressive (though not always fully functioning) array of personal armaments.

Notes: Cyborg’s current origin (troubled teen who gets in an accident) seemed played out, so I went the technophile angle, which I think is more relevant.  It also places a more positive light on Cyborg’s prostheses, as the original origin has a very antiquated “Darth Vader” vibe to it.  Here I’ve basically based Cyborg off of Richard Ayoade’s character Moss from The IT Crowd, making him much geekier and emphasizing his intelligence over brute strength.  When you’re on a superhero team with the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, having a gun hand isn’t your greatest attribute.  With that in mind, my Cyborg is valued more for his technical skills and madcap ingenuity.

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