This (Dr who mini-series on the DVD for season 6) sounds exciting but also I may wait to see if it sucks before putting money the BBC’s way. Could they not just do a proper series instead?


This has all been mentioned in tedious and not so tedious detail elsewhere on the net (Basically it started with this article) but I quite like this comic. It all makes such poor business sense to not have accurate representations of women you wonder if DC is basically worried we’ll like the characters, BUY SOME COMICS, and it’ll get cooties all over the place. Unless of course they’re sticking to the any publicity is good publicity maxim. Oh and I have accidentally helped with that. Um.

Though I’m really trying not to judge any comic til I have read it, the Catwoman art I have seen makes me feel nasty (and not in the sexy sense) I can’t be the only one who thought Bruce’s muscles look like weird skin condition! Ew.

This is a quite nice and interesting thing by a male comic book writer thinking about how he writes women. I like it, nothing in it is earth shattering but it’s one of those ‘looking further than your own nose’ things that everyone (and I mean everyone, male and female) has sometimes and it’s a positive revelation.

One thing I’d like to say though, to anyone who thinks that geek women are moaning about this stuff:

1/ We don’t all feel the same way, some women like what is happening with Starfire and some don’t. There is no empirical measurement of sexism, it’s subjective and confusing. No one said it was easy. Women have opinions and they are entitled to them, even if they are sometimes deeply stupid.

2/ The problem if you are a woman or person of colour or LGBTQ or disabled or anyone super marginalised by society is that you can’t always see people like you acting like you do in popular media. And it is fucking annoying. And IMHO it’s harmful if you are not from a marginalised group, because it informs your relation with other humans. All that a lot of the women ‘moaning’ about depictions of females in comics are asking for are some lovely 3 dimensional characters they can fall in love with and for comics to reflect life in terms of make up of the range of comics sold. (i.e. there should be 50% superwomen in DCnU. )

(NB I am talking about women here but I think it is worth mentioning that many LGBTQ/people with disabilities and people of colour feel the same and deserve accurate and DIVERSE representations of themselves. Throwing in a cliché of a human is no good for anyone.)

And one more thing:

I kind of think it is a bit weird to take your 7-year-old child and put her in the middle of a massive internet ‘discussion’ on women’s sexuality in comics by giving her a comic meant for teen readers. (The article where someone actually really did this is here.) I don’t think I can support that as part of ‘proving my point’. I am sure (or at least hope) that the OP meant to do something positive and helpful but it makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s absolutely true that DC should be reaching to young and older female readers but this comic wasn’t really suitable for a 7-year-old from what I have seen. Also the interview looks very leading, even a 7-year-old can work out what answers would please her mother.

ETA: This is not to say I think any damage could be done to her in any real terms. Or that her mother would put her in harm’s way, but since this is a fairly volitile discussion I am not sure a child can be involved in a way they understand and if they can’t understand then they shouldn’t be involved. I just think that a little girl can’t be asked some quite leading questions and then be taken to represent some kind of truth.

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