When I got to Seven Kings this morning (for the National Express metro train) I was greeted by this display. I took a picture for work as I like a record of when/why I was late.

I mentioned this on Twitter but I realise it’s still bothering me. Women are not more likely to have mental health disorders (from what I have seen of stats, it’s roughly 50/50 but different things affect men and women.) but it wouldn’t surprise me greatly if the majority of suicides by train were male. So maybe this is unusual and that is why they stated the sex? Did they copy the police report which would probably have to state sex/race etc? Did they think people would be more sympathetic? Londoners are not exactly the most sympathetic of people to train suicides so maybe that was the idea? I just think it reads really badly. If one was already a bit sexist it wouldn’t take a massive mental leap to conclude that this is the fault OF A WOMAN. (As much as someone so sad THEY WANT TO DIE can be considered to be at fault.)

(N.B. I wouldn’t be very impressed with anything that stated that the person who died was male (BECAUSE IT ISN’T RELEVANT!) but obviously there is a really unpleasant history of women being seeing as weak and insane and hysterical and this feeds into those stereotypes.)

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  1. Bec says:

    Have you heard back from the train company?

    • pippaalice says:

      Sort of, the person doing their twitter account said that it shouldn’t have been relevent and they’ll speak to their info team so it is nice to have a reply. hopefully it will never happen again

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