Brain slugs and paper cups of tea

Last night I went to a orientation event for University. Turns out going to uni is utterly terrifiying and exciting at the same time.

So anyway here are some more amazing things from going through my Google reader:

Kitty brain slug. This contains some of my favourite things: Kitten, geeky cartoon reference & crochet. Tick, tick & tick.


From my lovely friend Kate:


Lovely Totoro drawing by Pronounced You


My Little Pony Thor and Kid Loki. Amaze! (click to enlarge)


A wedding cake based on everyone’s favourite non-dinosaur based webcomic, xkcd


Grant from Mythbusters (have I ever mentioned how much I ❤ Mythbusters?) cosplays as the 10th doctor. This picture is hot, right? Does this look just suit all skinny boys?


Am currently obsessing about the amazingness that is the mystery book sculptures in Edinburgh. Lovely.

From here

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