Typography horror

NB this post contains what could be a trigger-y picture of a model of a fetus. it’s dressed as Superman but it’s pretty creepy and might be something you don’t want to see if you are sensitive about baby things.

I am not a massive fan of trigger warnings in terms of the amount of actual use they do in stopping triggering happening (for fic it makes sense but in blogposts I am not sure you can warn about everything that could trigger people and it tends to focus you on the thing you might most wish to avoid.) but I think it is polite to warn.

Today I learnt that Marvel contracts used to be/are being written up in Comic Sans.

This makes me very unhappy!

James ‘James Ward’ Ward scanned some pretty art. Being him it is from Which? magazines though.

For Manga fans CLAMP have designed a Blythe. If only I could afford

This is just the WORST! There are lots of others. [Via]

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