Liberation isn’t wasted on me


I’m angry at the moment. I am one of those angry feminists. I even have hairy legs! (And I continue to not hate men, I’ve even been known to kiss them, though am hoping I grow out of that.)


So yes, I am angry. I feel faintly guilty being angry, I don’t want to be a stereotype and I am actually of the opinion that you do catch more flies with honey than vinegar but sometimes the world hits you and you see it is Very, Very, Unfair. And the internet makes it worse because left wing and right wing alike have all sorts of things to say about me, because I am a woman. The internet makes this worse because everyone has some stupid half thought out opinion on something they know nothing about. And lots of women have made the rant I am about to make and I am only making it for my own sanity, this post is basically like me tatooing STOP BEING DICKS, PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET on my forehead. (If you don’t like rants you can skip to the next post I am going to post this evening on female superhero costumes. It features some nice art. And some skeezy art, sadly.)


So are you ready for a rant?


I’m starting to believe that to be an accepted woman in society you still have to put all others before yourself:


you have to carry babies you don’t want,


you have to take entire responsibility for sex, contraception and the outcomes of this,


you have to have less of a career in order to look after your child (because heaven forefend that your husband/partner/whatever should do this.),


you need to put your friends and lovers’ needs above your own,


basically, you have to CARE.


Because women care; it’s what we do. We hold up the world. And if at the end of our lives we haven’t had someone to love, no matter how many people we have loved, no matter how many friends and good times we have had, we’ve completely failed. Even if our husbands leave us for a ‘younger model’ it’s definitely us that failed. Even if our child’s father fucks off never to be seen again, it’s our fault.


It’s even more our fault if we are feminists, have a career, or haven’t kept ourselves looking nice. By asking to be treated equally feminists have basically ruined the world.


Well fuck that!


I tell you what, I’m just going to live my life, I’m going to see what happens, I am going to sleep with who I choose and I will try and campaign for what I believe is right, I am going to educate myself and get stupidly drunk. I am going to do some drawings and kiss some pretty girls. I’m going to be friends with who I like and not be friends with people I don’t like. I will not behave, do well, fit in or sit quietly.


I hope you won’t either, you really don’t have to. You don’t have to be good you just have to Be.

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