Firstly, before I start on the costume thing, it’s entirely possible Renee is no longer going to be the Question in DCnU. Apparently she was too fucking awesome. For me this is about as sad as it gets. Boo.


I’ve been clearing out my google reader starred items and I found this article. I don’t know if this all true as I haven’t seen X-men first class yet….

…but it reminded me of my issue with Emma Frost’s ill-fitting bra.

Here she is having an ill-fitting bra. To be fair you can’t tell that well from this, I had the benefit of a much bigger poster, and doesn’t James McAvoy’s head look odd? Let’s face it, it’s a bad poster.

Emma Frost, likes to flash her flesh, it’s part of her charm. But even drawn at her worst I’ve never thought she would wear this.

It looks like it is from M&S. She wouldn’t wear it. January Jones is not dressed in this because it’s Emma, but because some people like to see women wearing their mum’s undies next to nothing. But then again I tried to find some pictures of Emma from comics and everything on the web is ‘crotch-y’. I’ve seen her wear clothes, she does own SOME CLOTHES. But yes her half-naked does at least fit her character.

I have three rules for all superhero costumes

1/ They must be something the character would wear
2/ They must be at least a bit practical and show understanding of that person’s superpower (i.e. Bruce’s suit has to protect him from bullets.) and keep anonymity if needed
3/ They should be iconic.

I think a lot of female costumes are fan service. They are there to get you (male straight reader, not me female bisexual reader) a bit hot under the collar. And it is nonsense to keep going back to very tired, slightly porny outfits because most men I’ve ever met don’t want that.

But, having said that, it works if it is in keeping with the character. Not all women are the same, not all women dress the same. Women in comics will have similarly perfect bodies to their male counterparts, I don’t think that is too much of an issue. Well not for me anyway. I’m never too sure about the MY BOOBS ARE AS BIG AS MY HEAD AND MY WAIST WOULD SNAP LIKE A PENCIL IF PUSHED style of drawing but, women in comics will probably look pretty amazing. Like the men. However my issue comes when, unlike men they are given stupid impractical outfits. Which is why this is probably the weirdest costume in the whole of comic book heroes (and not Superman in his outside-y knickers):

WHY THE TUMMY PANEL? Really, WHY? To be honest it isn’t even really very sexy. And I keep thinking the rest of the lycra would flap around if she caught a breeze. If you even had the hottest body in the whole world would you wear that? Would you not just feel stupid? (See also ‘under boob’ costumes, ones which cover the nipple and top bit of the tits but, and just to be extra sexy, miss having any support underneath.)

And I know everyone loves this costume but I can only think of thigh chafe. (Also and no offense to the artist as this is a pretty drawing but WHY IS HER ARSE HANGING OUT? She’s not Lady Gaga.)

I’ve been reading Schism and whilst the art and the printing is beautiful it has had some really weird bits in it (But also, essentially, Wolverine giving Idie a Blythe doll as a toy.)

Issue #1 seemed to feature an obsession with crotch. Just lots and lots of crotch. Men and women, it isn’t sexist, just crotchy.

Issues #2 & #3 feature Rogue with her top half undone. Whilst attacking a sentinel. THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR HER BREASTS!!!
I kind of didn’t want to write this for a long time because I’ve seen too many geek girls whingeing on about Wonder Woman’s bloody trousers. She looks fine in trousers, she looks fine out of them. It’s actually the least interesting thing about her. What women wear in comics is important but it isn’t the most important thing about them. And WW’s trousers are literally neither here nor there, but the issue comes when it is just fan service, when it is just for men. They aren’t practical or in-keeping, they aren’t iconic, they are just there for them and not for the character. No one is thinking, would Harley Quinn really ever dress like a teen emo? It’s like dressing Batman up in a flowery tea dress. Can you imagine that happening? (Have I missed that actually happening? Seems like something that could occur in B:TAS)

This is fine (it’s very cute in fact)

This is fine, it’s sexier, but it’s something Harley would wear. I think her makeup looks stunning here.

THIS IS NOT OKAY! NEVER NEVER NEVER! She kicks ass and you’re putting her in something that will fall off her in 5 seconds. AND I imagine that is the idea. There is nothing about this picture which isn’t aimed very specifically to titillate. And to titillate (mainly) straight men. She’s dressed like that not because Harley would ever ever dress like that (And the hair? NO!) but so someone gets a semi. And the saddest thing about this is that Harley is probably one of the most loved characters by women (Rightly or wrongly. Harley is hardly a feminist icon, and she’s also an evil murderer, but she brings out a lot of love in people.) and she’s been dressed like this so someone is turned on.

I don’t agree with this entirely but it makes the basic point well
I don’t think women superheroes should be short-changed. I think they should get awesome outfits like their contemporaries. They should wear stuff that suits them and publishers need to start understanding that whilst a woman might possibly go round saving the day in her knickers she *probably* isn’t going to be doing it in a g-string or anything that requires her to wax twice a week.

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