Help me make a sexy robot mixtape. Yes.

I just watched Dr Who (I’ve been at Reading festival the past 2 days) and have decided I would prefer it if River was played by Anna Chancellor. She’s the only one who could make the ham believable.

Anyway some people work very fast:

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Rory? I totally love him. HE PUNCHED HITLER!!

Anyway, and in my opinion relevant to the point of this blog, I want to make a mixtape of songs about Robot/Automata sex so far I have:

(NB I haven’t ever properly listened to the lyrics of plug in baby because of Matt Bellamy’s high squeaky voice of doom but the video has a sexy robotic porny ladies so it must be about that, yeah? And the Add N to X video is safe for work. It’s not *that* one.)

So can you help? I need at least 11 to be a mixtape.

Updated 13:52:

People have been helping me on twitter:

Martin suggested this amazing song:

It’s a new favourite for me. The robot is amazing. My favourite kind.

Het offered this suggestion:

I wonder if Electric dreams is a possible? I suppose I get to choose!

Phil Oakey is the sex in this video. He could have washed his hair.

ETA 14:07:

Lovely Sarah Beth suggested this Adam & Joe song, good old Adam and Joe, of COURSE they have a sexy robot song.

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