With this mask, Spiderman stroke all criminal activates

I just bled during a meeting. Very classy.

Things I have liked recently

Chinese Batman toy blurb.


Grant Morrison on rape in comics. Is pretty interesting though I don’t think it’s automatically bad to depict abuse in comics but you wonder why there is so much of it. Which to be fair is basically his point. (Sounds like he also said a lot of very stupid things in this interview. Sigh.)

Urban Pacman from Sergej Hein on Vimeo.

Urban pacman. Very cute.
Did I ever tell you about the time I saw a pacman play Wii sports? [via]

This slightly sarcastic review will stop you having to watch fucking Miracle Day

I love The Bloggess and this is her being at her touching best

And here she is being funny

Lipsticks named after Nyan cat and Beatrice’s hat from the royal wedding

Not geeky or feministy but WTF? Ew! (NB I love this shop just not bits of bone) [via]

ARGH! My favourite Sirens. [via]

Things that have made me angry recently:

The misleading headline of this article.

I don’t know if you know this, but in the UK we vote in our MPs to do things like make laws and work for a better country. We don’t vote them in to do this:

Sally Bercow’s slow-motion calamity in Celebrity Big Brother has led to an urgent campaign among the many MPs who cannot bear her or her husband John, Speaker of the Commons. A Tory minister yesterday sent out a text message urging allies to “Vote 4 the Slapper — save Sally Bercow”. Why on earth should her sworn foes want her to survive in the telly vote? “Because,” it is explained, “the longer she stays on the programme, the more damage it will do her.”


I don’t know who the MP in question is. Sally Bercow appears to be attention seeking and difficult. She also appears to be very sharp and a lot of fun; I would probably enjoy a drink with her. Of course this MP may still work very hard on making laws and other MP-type work, but it doesn’t stop them using misogynistic language to cause harm to someone who actually isn’t doing anything worse than George Galloway dressing up as a cat drinking milk. He was still an MP when he did this. I don’t remember anyone calling him a slapper.

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