Can I take u 2 the cinema

Nggggghhh, David Tennant shouldn’t be so beautiful, but he is, so there! So who wants to take me to see Fright Night? Here is a review if you don’t know what I am talking about.

I find it hard to watch movies. I am, for want of a better word, wriggly. I can’t sit down for long anyway: put me in front of a movie and I will go out half way, make a cup of tea, find some tiny things and arrange them in order of cuteness, I’ll make my bed, or just turn off. I can’t watch movies alone in the house. I am better if someone is there but I will still probably start sulking at some point about something in it that is stupid.

It also turns out I have never watched a Tom Cruise movie. I saw a very small bit of Far and Away. The accents made my eyes bleed.

So I can’t watch a movie, but I can watch: Hours and hours of Mythbusters or How clean is your house? or Supernanny, 2 hour long documentaries on perfume making, a days worth of cartoon network AND if I am really bored, several episodes of something trashy from BBC3. I even watched another episode of Torchwood and NO one was holding a gun to my head. (If they were I would have probably snatched it and had a little word with RTD about his bloody concentration camp obsession.)

So far so ADHD, but recently I’ve started loving film, I went to the cinema twice in 2 weeks. I desperately want to see at least 3 films and I want DVDs of many others. I saw Arrietty and fell in love with it. I went to the Prince Charles Cinema and saw (one of my favourite films) Empire Records with lots of people dressed up as Liv Tyler. This new found obsession has probably got something to do with the number of superhero films out at the moment (and it’s lovely to see so many with a female protagonist isn’t it? Oh no wait…) but maybe I am finally becoming the type of grown up who can sit down and enjoy a film. I’ll let you know how that goes.


It’s been Totoro week on geekcrafts! All the Totoro-y goodness you need.

Totoro pillow

(In looking for the song that the title of this post comes from I have found wheel of misfortune with Kenickie on youtube:

Here is some nostalgia. I have a very poor memory but I very clearly remember listening to this as an insomniac teen. My favourite bit is the ‘Beryl Spice’ bit. In fact it is my most everlasting memory of Lauren Laverne. No really.)

I love redheads!

(My favourite redhead being a Mod. By Kateordie)

I also love Sylvias Super Awesome Mini Maker Show. Bless her!

Nu Birds of Prey villans look interesting. Also pretty pretty pretty Ivy. [via]

(Lots of redheads here, did I ever tell you at one point every monthly comic I was buying had a redhead in it?)


Edited to add:

I can’t stop laughing at this

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