Tie me, tie me, tie me to the kitchen sink…

I’ve been really slack on this. I have several half finished things on the go to post up on here but this month is hideously busy. So here is a picspam and linkspam post. Actual content has been kept to a minimum, you may thank me later.

Last night I went to the Fuck you I’m Keith TOTP album launch which involved half of the people I’ve ever known getting up on stage and doing a sing, or playing a saw, or a brass instrument. Excellent work Keith. (title from Our daughters will never be free by The Indelicates who played last night.)

I did manage to miss the last train home and have to take the night bus all the way from north to east. So this is written under extreme tired:

“Having a brand new Justice League and having less than 50% women on it? Is a sexist decision. There is no way to justify it as anything else. Having a Teen Titans so out of whack demographically? Same deal. And no, the existence of the Birds of Prey doesn’t make up for it, any more than the existence of the Negro Baseball Leagues made up for the lack of black players in Major League Baseball pre-Jackie Robinson. Separate is not and never will be equal.”

This is a brilliant piece which says nearly everything that I would wish to say about women in comics, it’s slightly more in the ‘it just is’ style of explain sexism which I am less keen on but the basic points are backed up and explained so I can forgive that.

It also makes me happy because it is written by a boy. The piece above is feminist writing. So don’t pussy foot around it boys, don’t call yourself a feminist sympathiser or some nonsense, call yourself a feminist, because if you want equality then you are.

This article is really interesting and had made me ponder mostly on this part:

“An anthology of only one kind of minority artist? Ugh. It smacks of ghettoization. No one is going to say “this is actually kind of sucky” because who wants to be that person? But the truth is, some of these kind of anthologies are kind of sucky!”

Received opinion has normally been that the best way of dealing with sexism and racism and That Type Of Thing is to give people their own platforms that they are not getting in the real world, showcase them and then (maybe) they will infiltrate ‘normal’ media streams and everyone will realise WOMEN (PEOPLE OF COLOUR, GAY/QUEER PEOPLE) ARE PEOPLE TOO. And this has had an impact in the past, but it also turns those people into a minority group and runs the risk of the end product = a book for women. That’s not helping anyone. The mainstream comics industry needs these women working and being respected. Maybe this book *will* achieve this?

But of course a book by women doesn’t necessarily deal with the disparity and treatment of women heroes in comics which is an entirely different thing. Male AND FEMALE comic book artists and writers need to be working in a non sexist manner. A comic writer who can only write convincing men is not much of a writer in my view.

So then what do you do, to show women are working in comics and are amazing, if it’s harder to get noticed because you’re a woman? Oh answers on a postcard please.

Lovely quote from Bjork on music:

“I think when you see those societies do music, even today, everybody is singing, everybody is playing, everybody plays a big part, it’s not like everybody is sitting listening while one person is being a genius.”

I’ve probably shown these aprons from Bethany sew and sew before but I love these aprons so much.

This is interesting though I am not entirely happy about the sweeping generalisations of it. Certainly women in genre do seem to be more independent but that might simply be because it’s harder to keep down a partner when you are a vampire slayer/spy/alien killer etc.

I love this video by Black Nerd Comedy. Some of what he does is a bit hit and miss but this rant on the new Spiderman is fantastic. Especially the song at the end.

I saw this a few days ago. Since then every single craft and geek outlet has mentioned it but that won’t stop me from rehashing some content!

Yeah I want! [via]

And again [via]

Amazing. I should print one out for work. There is no way anyone would guess it was me. No. [via]

So why would Ken be wearing chaps? Seriously? Bright yellow fringed chaps. There isn’t even the excuse that they didn’t have telly in the 60s. [via]

Beautiful Oracle. [Via] I never think of Babs as someone who could be considered stunning but this is a stunning Babs.

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2 Responses to Tie me, tie me, tie me to the kitchen sink…

  1. That apron is awesome!

    • pippaalice says:

      I know, right. She does a princess peach one and a Harley Quinn one I really want. WHY AM I NOT STINKING RICH! *ahem* 😀

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