She’s a girl who likes comics…she probably gets that a lot

Considering DC is rather going to shit at the moment (I have actually pretended in my head that Harley died at the end of GCS) this song is making me sad. Damn you Eddie Argos.

See it’s all his fault!

Again I know their characters, their choices but meh. I also feel a bit like they have slipped down a black hole of 90s gothdom. Seriously some of the art (especially Teen Titans and poor, poor Harley) makes me cringe.

Though previously I have been very pleased that most DC women are getting practical outfits (I have no idea how Canary manages without some serious fishnet thigh rub) I do think it’s important that women who love comics don’t get caught up in the detail. (Seriously I will scream if someone mentions Wonder Woman’s bloody trousers one more time.)

Because when Harley is dressed like this (And Catwoman is falling out of her suit regularly, it appears) it can only be to attract male comic book readers (And maybe lesbians & bi girls? Probably not though, DC have repeatedly stated their main target audience is male, 16-35.) and I don’t think modern male comic book readers will fall for it. Most men I know who like comics also like the characters to be half decent and not a weak attempt to give them a semi. I may have had a lot of luck in having intelligent male friends, I admit, but I genuinely think DC are shooting themselves in the foot.

Also I don’t think that because the people reading comics are mainly men that this means there is an excuse to turn women into plot points and sex objects. In the same way most chick lit turns men into stereotypical little packages, turning women into things (Let’s remember that females make up roughly half of the population OF EARTH!!!), does a diservice to the reader’s ability to observe other genders as human. I just think we need to have gone further than this by now.

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