I have a tension headache

This was going to be slightly less of a filler post but I have a headache so you’ll have to live with the fluff.

1/ I have a new banner. I think Ivy needs to be a bit more green but let me know what you think! I need to sort out my blogs so they look pretty. Any advice?

2/ Whilst looking at pretty* DC things at Hot Topic thanks to DC women kicking ass I found cute DC vinyl toys (I have a weakness for vinyl toys that is unhelpful what with me owning a tiny one bed flat!)

They’re from funko and look at the cute:

Babs doll is probably my favourite, because if you are going for that style you need to hark back to the kitsch of the TV series.

However I have a massive soft spot for the Wizard of Oz dolls:

Never has a winged monkey looked so cute!

*Actually most of them weren’t pretty but I’d love these:

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