News at DC is good and bad and weird. I am not sure I am seeing any of this apparent diversity but they have only released a handful of titles. Sadly one of those is Babs as Batgirl = no more Oracle (Unless they do something with parallel worlds) which is a bit of a kick in the teeth to the people who love Oracle. Hell I love her and I am not massively keen on BoP. She’s awesome and I am genuinely not sure why they’ve made this decision. Well actually I do know, they think it will improve sales, and it probably will.

I do hold to the belief that DC can do what they like with the characters they spend many years creating and crafting. However several women seem to have been wiped out of the DC universe and quite a lot of men don’t seem to have been. I am reserving proper judgement until everything is released. I am hoping that the Question (as Renee) will get a title, even as part of a team. It would be properly diverse to have two gay women (one who is a POC and the other is Jewish) as part of the line up. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Teen Titans too. And I’d love Ivy and Harley to have a book, probably together. Though Ivy is on BoP so probably not. Ivy is a proper 100% villain though so interesting move.

Catwoman (My spellcheck says the word cabwoman exists but not Catwoman.) is getting her own book and from the cover I am not sure this whole ‘let’s not make women look like sex objects’ thing is working out exactly. *cough*

More on the costume thing coming soon…now I am going to talk about (my own) vanity:

I started going grey when I was 16, I am now 100% white. I have dyed my hair since I was 17 in a variety of different and occasionally stupid colours. And I’ve decided enough is enough. I am going to grow it out, at least for a while. I did do this before and I found it drained my face a bit AND I looked more like Alastair Darling than I am comfortable with. SO in order to make me feel more comfortable with this decision I have decided to compile a list of awesome people from Sci fi/fantasy and comics with white hair (NB I am avoiding characters with albinism because it’s quite different to ‘having white hair):


We’ll start with Rogue because I love her. She has an awesome and difficult to deal with superpower, she’s got a great Southern (America, she doesn’t sound like she’s from Brighton!) accent, and she kicks ass. She does only have white streaks though.


There is a bit of a thing for X-ladies with white hair. My introduction to Storm was a wooden puppet carved like Halle Berry playing her in the movies. Her hair does look cool though.

Sam Beckett

In the Quantum Leap novels I read as a geeky teenager Sam is always described as having a tuft of white hair caused leaping. I suspect they were caused by Scott Bakula’s genetics rather than this far fetched theory but it does look very, very cool. Sadly I don’t have only cool white streaks and I am not a man. Fail.

Sophie from Howl’s moving castle

I still haven’t quite worked out what the times she has white hair and is young mean but who wouldn’t want to look like a character from Studio Ghibli

Superman’s Dad

Jor-El. This isn’t a good look for me. I don’t want to look like slightly shocked Marlon Brando + bad wig/hair with talc in it.

Gandalf the white

I am not sure this one is helping me much. I may one day grow a big white beard (oh genetics I love you) so it’s certainly something to keep in mind for future.

Anyone got any good ones to help my self esteem. I appear to have mainly chosen older men. *facepalms*

Edited to add…

I can’t believe I forgot this one:

Matsuri Ito
A small, Japanese, geeky, 11 year old (iirc). She features in Strawberry Marshmallow, one of the cutest Manga I’ve read. I super love her. Here she is in a kitty hat, ‘Nyaaaaaaa’ (Meow in Japanese) She went grey very early and no one knows why. She’s a hero because my whole life I’ve wanted to be as cute as a tiny Japanese girl with grey hair.

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3 Responses to

  1. pippaalice says:

    It’s just occured to me I forgot Doc Brown….

  2. Andrew F says:

    Only partial, but Bride of Frankenstein!

    • pippaalice says:

      YEY! She’s pretty awesome. I think what we’ve learn here is that white hair is awesome except for when it’s not.

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