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I have a post planned for Monday which started based on my thoughts of Emma Frost having a very badly fitting bra in the X-Men posters. This seems even more key now that DC have banned revealing clothes for their female characters. I am still not sure what I think about this, though I am 90% certain they are doing this for what they see as positive reasons rather than thinking that the slutty women need to cover up. I am hoping this might mean Power Girl has a higher keyhole in her outfit but we’ll see. (If you don’t know what she looks like, and would like to understand what I mean then search “Power Girl” in Google image search. Probably best not to do this at work just in case.)

Link to Bleeding Cool trousers news

A few new things have come out about the DC shake up:

1/ Wonder woman looks awesome here and she has a new team (Brian Azzarello (writer) Cliff Chiang (art)) which may/may not make her book more interesting to read. (we’ll see)

Chiang’s art is lovely, definitely pro this AND her new outfit looks great too.

2/ Babs is going back to being Batgirl. This means she will no longer be Oracle or have a disability. I do not know if she will be in Birds of Prey as Batgirl, this move goes against DC being more diverse but never mind. It’s probably a bad move if they want to keep fan girls interested in the new titles. Babs is not my favourite character but she has a special place in the hearts of a lot of fan girls and boys. Just seems like such a stupid move.

3/ Lois and Superman are no longer married. Rub.

As this is a feminist AND geek blog have one of each here:


I love Mona Eltahawy, I don’t agree with her about everything but she had a big part to play in getting positive news coverage of the revolution in Egypt. Here is a good Comment is Free from her. BTW as with all CIF I don’t read the comments and I suggest you don’t either. Just remember people are stupid.


And now to the geek:

Amber Benson remixes ‘Under your spell’. It’s sort of disturbing.


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