Wow, I go to bed, wake up and find out DC comics appear to have gone mad.

There seems to be lots of rumours and weirdness but basically after Flashpoint (Not really following that, may buy the WW and Lois titles) they are going to reboot a lot of things, apparently make things more diverse (Which normally means not that diverse at all but we’ll see.) and sort of start again from scratch. I imagine this is to drag in new comic fans confused by DC continuity (Surely not?). I don’t think it’ll work, but you know, they own the characters so it’s up to them.On a personal level I suspect that several of the comics I follow will be cut, Gotham City Sirens seems to be going down a route where Selina, Ivy and Harley won’t be able to be friends or work together for a long time. Before I knew this news I was fairly certain it was going to get cut. I hope I am wrong but there you go.

The idea of this depresses me because (unlike, it seems, most girl comic bloggers) I love the GCS. I love how they work together, I love that they seem to have the sort of friendships that I would form. The kind of ‘oh my god you annoy me sometimes but I’ll always come and save you’ types of friendships.

It’d be nice to see them explore Mr J and Harley a bit more, in terms of abusive relationships and the wider world. I don’t think that’ll happen because it’s hard to explain why Harley does go back. But still, nice thought, eh?

Apparently Gail Simone won’t be writing Birds of Prey. To be honest this doesn’t bother me a lot because I am not that keen on her writing (again, unlike, it seems, most girl comic bloggers)

Even though what I’ve read of BoP didn’t really grab me, there is a place for a female or mostly female team up, especially whilst most women in DC universe are not considered as important as their male counterparts so I’m glad they haven’t cut it.

Also I imagine this is why they pushed Batwoman back. Of course if they don’t release it (which would be madness) they’ll have 100s of rabid comics fans biting at their ankles and kicking them in the shins.

I think the main thing we can take out of this all, though, is that Wonder Woman appears to have gained a retro 80’s hair rock do and grown awesomely huge thighs. Superman has a slightly different S. You’ve got to say this for them, they’re pushing boundaries at DC.


(Though, seriously, they are starting Wonder Woman AGAIN from #1. To be honest I hate the current series and was thinking of dropping it but how many times can you relaunch a, basically well loved, character?)

Anyway here are some links to sites without rumours and facts galore. Knock yourself out: (Good for female character focus but not everything here is a hard and fast fact) (An article with facts in it) (Rumours and info and news and stuff from here)

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  1. Andrew F says:

    I am one of the people who prefers Birds of Prey to Gotham City Sirens, though this may be due to being a Gail Simone fan*, and feeling skeevy if I was reading two books of Shapely Ladies Fight Crime.

    I ignored Flashpoint as I try to ignore everything that Geoff Johns writes. I see now that this is going to become more difficult over the next while 😦

    On the other hand, Grant Morrison Superman!

    *Apart from Wonder Woman, which I’ve never really found interesting. Sory, Wonder Woman!

    • pippaalice says:

      Yeah I think most people do. And I know people really love Gail, it’s not that I hate her, I think it’s great she is doing so well, I just also would like there to be other female writers I feel I can gel with and I guess that isn’t so easy if they aren’t given the chance.

      Yeah maybe this might be the comic that gets me into Superman? 😀

  2. Andrew F says:

    Also I love the way that all the wikipedia plot summaries sound like a little kid being very excited about the coolness:

  3. Andrew F says:

    I would totally read the adventures of Joan Jett, Wonder Woman, though:

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