I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

Happy Towel day!

Today is Towel day (I never know where my towel is. I am a terrible hitchhiker) and I’ve just been outed as some kind of mega geek at work as I have been sent the special edition DVD of the IT crowd with added RPG fun. (Does anyone wanna play?)

I am a bit embarrassed. I’ve started this blog and I have a couple of things I want to talk about but those posts need thought and research and stuff. Something I have little of at the moment. Which means I don’t know what to post. But I don’t want to leave it 2 months before posting again. So I thought I’d just celebrate Douglas Adams a bit.

Douglas Adams is a massive hero of mine. He managed to break my heart exactly a week before my 21st birthday by going and dying. It’s been 10 years since and I still miss him even though if he was still around he probably would have only written half a book by now. My favourite thing about DNA is that he was incredible forward thinking, he was wondering about where technology was going and what could be done with it.


Here is an essay he wrote on the internet. I was thinking about it today in reference to tumblr, which I don’t understand at all. Please bear this in mind when I say the following. I only vaguely understand the concept of re-blogging so I might have this idea very wrong. The idea of replicating what is already there to bring it to a new audience bothers me. I like the idea of links to but the idea of just going look I found all this good stuff on the net and you can read it too if you follow me is weird, not horrible weird, just weird to someone very used to linear blogs. But then I realise (whilst not all people using tumblr are young) that we are coming up to a generation who haven’t lived without the internet. They are deciding the direction and I think these cut and paste blogs make sense because they’re a way of going: these are the little bits that make me up, just like Zines before them. I’ve always thought of myself as tech savvy but at some point I will look around and the net won’t make any sense to me because someone else is deciding its direction. That’s what is so fascinating about a people led technology.

Anyway, if I ever get a Kindle I am tempted to make it a cover with Don’t Panic on the front in friendly letters.

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2 Responses to I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

  1. Kake says:

    I like your characterisation of Tumblrs as “cut and paste blogs”. I hadn’t thought of it like this before, but yes, they are zines, or perhaps scrapbooks.

    (Disclaimer to the above: I know that Tumblr can be used for other purposes — I use it myself for other purposes — I’m talking about what appears to be the current prevailing culture of its use.)

    It does bother me slightly that Tumblr culture seems to be more concerned with “via” than “by”. By this I mean that while everyone makes sure to say who they got an image “via”, there’s less attention paid to crediting the original creator. Curation is of course important (and I think not paid enough attention by many internet companies, e.g. Qype and the like), but I wish Tumblr-the-technology made more of a point of pushing Tumblr-the-culture to think more carefully about what a creator might want. (In a sense, Tumblr is just one massive copyright violation.)

    I might also take issue with your statement that the generation below us are deciding the direction of the internet. Our generation is still here, still creating, still writing code, still running companies, etc etc. I hope you and I will still be here influencing internet culture when we’re in our eighties 🙂

    • pippaalice says:

      I completely agree with the via thing. Boing Boing do it a lot and a few other blogs and you have to click to find out who came up with this piece of info. Sigh.

      Yeah I could have probably phrased that better, I think I just mean if one grows up with this technology there is less understanding of it having never been there and the influence on someone’s life seems greater. But yeah this doesn’t mean they are specifically driving forward how things are going. I think maybe there is that kind of youth subculture that is so different from the subculture that existed in my youth because most of my influence came from fanzines and the Melody Maker, now there are a million blogs on increasingly specific subjects.

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